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Alta Vista

North American Mensurationist Organizations

NA Mensurationists
Southern Mensurationists
Mid-western Mensurationists
Northeastern Mensurationists
Western Mensurationists

Forestry Organizations

California Department of Forestry
Montana DNRC - Forestry
Oregon Department of Forestry
Washington State Department of Natural Resources
Bureau of Land Management
USDA Forest Service
USDA Forest Service PNW Research Station
USDA Forest Service PSW Research Station
USDA Forest Service RM Research Station
US Fish & Wildlife Service
BC Ministry of Forests
Canadan Forest Service
Natural Resources Canada
Pacific Forestry Center
Western Forestry and Conservation Association

Western Forestry Schools

California State University - Humboldt College of NR & Sciences
Cal Poly - Department of Natural Resources Management
Colorado State University - College of Natural Resources
Oregon State University - College of Forestry
Michigan Technological University
Northern Arizona University - School of Forestry
University of British Columbia Faculty of Forestry
University of California - Berkeley College of Natural Resources
University of Idaho - College of Natural Resources
University of Idaho - Biometrics Lab
University of Montana - School of Forestry
University of Northern British Columbia - Forestry Program
University of Washington - College of Forest Resources
Utah State University - College of Natural Resources

Western Forest Growth Models

Growth Model User's Group
Growth and Yield Simulators for Pacific States
BCMF Growth and Yield Program Website
Conifers Young Tree Model
DFSIM -- Douglas-fir Simulator
Forest Management Service Center (FVS)
FPS Model
LMS Model
RVMM Model
SPS Model

General Forest Mensurational Links

Australian Forest Mensuration
GPS Satellite Prediction
Declination Calculator
Measuring Trees and Logs (VPI)
Mensuration Code
BC Scaling Manual
BC Scaling Manual
US FS Cruising Handbook
US FS Scaling Handbook
Statistics Text Book Online
Timber Measurement Society

Western Log Prices

Oregon Log Prices
BC Log Prices

Western University Extension Services

OSU Cooperative Extension
University of Idaho Cooperative Extension
Washington State University Cooperative Extension


This list is by no means complete. If you would like us to consider adding a page that would be useful for the group please send us the URL.

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