The Western Mensurationists:
A brief history

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The first Western Mensurationists' Meeting was held in conjunction with the Western Forestry & Conservation Association meeting in San Francisco, California in the late 1960's (probably 1968 or 1969). The association with the WFCA continued until 1985 when the growth of the Western Mensurationists allowed an independent and longer program.



Organizing Chair


Best Speaker Award

2020 Spokane, WA Mark Kimsey    
2019 Kamloops, BC Ian Cameron    
2018 Flagstaff, AZ Andrew Joel Sánchez Meador 69 Jim Arney, Zack Parisa
2017 Vancouver, BC Eleanor McWilliams, Guillaume Thérien, Catherine Bealle-Statland, and Mario DiLucca 75 Not Awarded
2016 Skamania Lodge, WA Reggie Fay, Dave Walters, Donald Gagliasso 82 Gretchen Moisen
Best Student: Jarred Saralecos
2015 Vancouver, WA Kim Iles 76 David Marshall
2014 Monterey, CA Samantha Gill 46 Jim Goudie and Nathaniel Osborne (student award)
2013 Leavenworth, WA Bianca Eskelson, Peter Gould 91 Martin Ritchie and Greg Johnson
2012 Newport, OR Temesgen Hailemariam   Martin Ritchie
2011 Banff, AB, Canada Kat Froese, Hugh Carter 60 Anna Shcherbinina
2010 MIssoula, MT David Affleck 54 Doug Maguire
2009 Vancouver, WA Dave Marshall 64 Ron McRoberts
2008 Eagle Crest, OR Jim Arney 49  
2007 Kelowna, BC Eleanor McWilliams 79 David Affleck
2006 Fortuna, CA Martin Ritchie 81 Aaron Weiskittel
2005 Naniloa Resort, Hilo, HI Jim Flewelling 51 John Kershaw
2004 Kah-nee-ta Resort, OR Debbie Johnson 88 Roger Lowe
2003 Victoria, BC Jim Goudie 105 Kim Iles
2002 Levenworth, WA Eric Turnblom 82 John Moore
2001 Klamath Falls, OR Dave Walters 63 Martin Ritchie
2000 Whitefish, MT Mic Holmes, George Lightner 95 Greg Johnson
1999 Penticton, BC Jim Thrower   Guillaume Therien
1998 Port Ludlow, WA George McFadden    
1997 Tahoe City, CA Martin Ritchie    
1996 Welches (Mt Hood), OR David Marshall    
1995 Whistler, BC Peter Marshall    
1994 Vancouver, WA Mike Mosman    
1993 Newport, OR David Marshall    Kim Iles
1992 Harrison Hotsprings, BC Kim Iles    Robert O. Curtis
1991 Rosario, WA Jim Flewelling    
1990 Bend, OR Greg Johnson    Kim Iles
1989 Kelowna, BC Phil Winkle    
1988 Port Townsend, WA Jim Flewelling    
1987 Flying-M Ranch, OR Mike Naccarini    
1986 Nanaimo, BC Don Reimer/Kim Iles    
1985 Spokane, WA Jim Arney/Don Reimer /Greg Johnson    
1984* Sacramento, CA Dave Hyink  
1982* Portland, OR Greg Johnson    
1981* Sun Valley, ID Michael McGreevy    
1980 Bend, OR Jim Arney/Chuck Chambers    
1969 Berkeley, CA      

*Held in conjunction with Western Forestry and Conservation Association

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