Ten Western Mensurationists' Favorite Papers

At the 1999 meeting, Guillaume Thérien arranged for ten of the Western Mensurationists regulars to present their favorite paper, publication or book.  The following list contains their favorites:

Speaker Favorite Paper
Arney, Jim: Grosenbaugh, L.R. 1954. New tree-measurement concepts: height accumulation, giant tree, taper and shape. USDA For. Serv. South. For. Exp. Sta. Occ. Paper no 134.
Curtis, Bob: Reineke, J.L. 1933. Perfecting a stand density index for even-aged forests. J. Agric. Res. 46:627-638
Flewelling, Jim: Press, W.H., B.P. Flannery, S.A. Teukolsky, and W.T. Vetterling. 1986. Numerical Recipes: The Art of Scientific Computing. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. 818 p.
Iles, Kim: Matérn, B. 1958. On the geometry of the cross-section of a stem. Meddel. Statens Skogsforskningsinst. 46:1-28.
Johnson, Greg: Perry, D.A. 1984. A model of physiological and allometric factors in the self-thinning curve. J. Theor. Bio. 106:383-401
Mitchell, Ken: Eichhorn, F. 1904. Beziehungen zwischen Beflandshöhe und Beflandsmaffe. Allgemeine Forst- und Jagdzeitung 80:45-49.
Monserud, Bob: Spurr, S.H. 1952. Forest Inventory. Ronald Press Co., New York. 416 p.
Moser, John: Clutter, J.L. 1963. Compatible growth and yield models for loblolly pine. For. Sci. 9(3):354-371
Munro, Don: Behre, C.E. 1923. Preliminary notes on studies of tree form. J. For. 21:507-511
Warren, Bill: de Vries, P.G. 1979. Line intersect sampling: statistical theory, applications and suggestions for extended use in ecological inventory. In Sampling Biological Populations (G.M. Cormack, G.P. Patil, and D.S. Robson, editors). Statistical Ecology Series, Vol. 5:1-77. Intern. Coop Publish. House, Fairland, Md, USA.

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