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Antique scaling instrument

The Western Mensurationists are an informal group of Forest Mensurationists, Biometricians and practitioners that meet annually to discuss issues relating to the measuring forest resources.

mensuration (mèn´se-râ´shen):

  1. the act, process, or art of measuring.
  2. the branch of mathematics dealing with the determination of length, area, or volume.
    (Webster's New World Dictionary, College Edition, 1966)

2019 Western Mensurationists Meeting will be held June 23-25 2019, in Kamloops, BC.

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View Past Programs and Retrieve Papers:
Photos from the 2007 meeting at Lake Okanagan

Photos from the 2006 meeting field trip to the Avenue of the Giants

 A Brief History
Favorite Papers of ten Western Mensurationists
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2018 Western Mensurationists
2018 Western Mensurationists (click for larger photo)


Best Speaker Awards for 2004-2008

Best Speaker Awards for 1999-2003

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Jerry Allen created these awards for best speaker in 1999-2003 and again for 2004-2008. 
Each plaque depicts an image or scene indicative of a famous Mensurationist or mensurational principle. 
Can you figure out who or what they are?


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